President’s Blog May 2024

    Hope “Springs” Eternal


The month we have all been waiting for.  We have opened the doors for our 101st season on Friday May 3. That was 2 days earlier than last year and this year we won’t have to walk on water.  The maintenance crew has been working tirelessly trying to clean up all the debris from the early spring snowstorms. I believe we know hold 2 golf course records.  The most bathrooms on a course and the most pinecones as well. 

 I had the pleasure of attending the Maine Athletic Administrators conference again this spring.  In fact, it was the week of the last heavy snowstorm.  We were in Rockland, and it was not a bad place to be.  The final speaker at the conference was the AD at UMaine Orono.  He warned everyone that he talked very fast, and he was not lying.  He spoke about having a plan in place to deal with whatever happens in the athletic world at the university.  Evidently there were very few guidelines in place when he took the job but now there are.  He was asked if he had a ritual before sporting events and his reply was exact.  “I walk the entire field or facility 3 hours before each contest.”  He called this “Inspect to Expect”.  His point was that you never assume that everything is done even when you have great people working for you. You take the time and inspect it.  I’ve been doing this for decades, but I never had a cool “catch phrase” for it.

Today I had the opportunity to play our course this morning (5/4) and had a wonderful time.  There were plenty of sketchy shots along with missing a short birdie putt on #12.  My mentor made a great birdie putt on #18 which was a wonderful finish to the round.  I critique the course as I play but it doesn’t seem to distract him.  Maybe his concentration is unbreakable.  As long as I live there will always be things on the course that I want to be better.  I am not alone in this wish.  We have people working every day with that desire in mind.   The winter is cruel and that may never change.  My attitude is great today.  I was very optimistic about our spring conditions knowing that we will have a beautiful new 6th green on Friday as well as a much-needed tee box extension on the 1st hole.  There is much more clean up to do, cart paths to rebuild, greens to overseed, fairways to fertilize and an awesome driving range to finish.  There is so much to be excited about.   

 I genuinely look forward to seeing you all at the course soon.  The clubhouse looks amazing with the new sandwich display case and the grass on the greens is growing every day.  Be the reason that someone has a better day!

Yours in golf,