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President’s Blog January 2023

Words of Wisdom…….


I hope everyone had a great holiday season with family, friends and loved ones.  The weather certainly didn’t feel like December but I had a wonderful time with my family.

Well, here we are in 2023.  The 100th birthday of Lake Kezar Country Club.  I am sure that there will be many special events and celebrations as we enjoy this milestone at out humble little golf course in Lovell Maine.  We just closed our holiday gift certificate promotion and if that was any gauge of how this year will go, hold on “it’s going to be a busy year.”

The course survived the only snow storm so far but with countless limbs and a few trees on the ground.  It will be a big clean up job this spring even if we don’t get any more damage.  I am looking forward to the tee box renovations on the forward tee on #5 and the back tee on #18.  The crew has done substantial work on these two projects so far and Mike has continued when the weather cooperated. 

I was tremendously fortunate in my younger years to have all my 4 grandparents in my life.  No one tells you when you’re a youngster that these people have a long life of experiences, and you could benefit from listening to all their stories.  I was so lucky because I just liked to listen.  I can vividly remember skinning fish for dinner with my grandfather.  I couldn’t get my fish as perfect as his.  I asked him, “Grampa why do yours come out so perfect and mine don’t look as nice?”  He kept right on skinning and with no hesitation replied, “Your thumbs not good enough.”  I have thought about this many times in the last 50 years.  It seems like such a tough answer to a 10 year olds question but it had a profound effect on my motivation to be better and to measure up to a person that I worshiped.  You can bet that my thumb “got better” over the years. 

I can remember my gram Littlefield cooking for seemingly everyone in the town.  There was always a potluck dinner at the church or a fundraiser to help a family in need.  She was a great cook and taught me the importance of helping other people in the community.  She taught me so much in school and outside of school.  I will never forget when she was being interviewed about her life and her marriage to grampa for over 50 years.  The usual question was posed “How did you stay married to Robert for 50 years?”  She looked at the interviewer with a cold stare and simply said, “You have to think more about someone else than you think about yourself.”  It seemed like such a simple answer but truer words were never spoken.  I know this goes against the philosophy of the “Me” generation and the advice of most counselors but imagine a world where everyone is helping each other.

As I get older, I think about all the things I have learned in my life and all the words of wisdom that people have given me.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I hope that everyone can find many things in their life that they are thankful for.  Let’s try to spread happiness in 2023. It is not often that something you love turns 100 years old.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You cannot spread happiness to others without getting a few drops on yourself first.”  Don’t worry, be happy!

Yours in Golf,