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President’s Blog August 2022

Summer in Maine

The nationwide “Airstreamers” just left the Fairgrounds yesterday.  I was told that there were just under 1000 airstream campers on the grounds.  I was talking with one camping couple and they said that their 2 week visit to Fryeburg injected 3 million dollars into our economy.  I am not sure how accurate that is, but they certainly didn’t hurt our local businesses.  They had almost 100 golfers show up last Wednesday for an outing and they were terrific.

There are so many activities to do in Maine in the summer.  Boating, hiking, fishing, camping and golfing to name just a few. I have always maintained that golfing is a recreational activity.  Most golfers go out to have a good time, a cold beverage, some socializing with others and maybe hit a great shot or two.  I walked up to the first tee at 6 pm last Sunday.  There was a family of 3 and they were just starting their round.  They were not going out to break the course record but rather to enjoy some quality family time.  I was so pleased to be able to witness this.  What a great way to end a summer week.

My sincerest thanks to ALL the great staff at Lake Kezar Country Club.  I can’t believe how the course conditions have improved since we opened, nor can I believe how many golfers have played our course this year.  Our success is directly related to all the hard work that our employees produce daily.  I am truly blessed to be around so many people that enamored with LKCC.  Please enjoy your summer!

Brad Littlefield

President, LKCC