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President’s Blog July 2020


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about space lately.  Actually since March 15 when our government told us to stay home.  Many people take space for granted but the majority of us are continually looking for space.  I’m not talking about astronauts or Star Trek but simply space on this earth that we are bound to.  Google tells me that space is defined as “a continuous area or expanse which is free, available and unoccupied.”  You can see from the definition that finding space can be quite a task.  If something is both free and available, it is likely to be occupied by someone.

This whole Corona virus thing is really making people think about space.  Someone (much smarter than I) has determined that 6 feet of spacing is the appropriate amount.

We cherish the space we have in our State of Maine.  We have lots of forests, many mountains and seemingly endless beaches and shorelines.  Myself and many others have made a living creating beautiful space for non-residents to escape and find their space in Maine.  They do not have all the precious area that we have, where they come from.  They search for that available, unoccupied space but if they make it theirs, the “free” part is questionable. 

I’ve been waiting for the next Tiger Woods to show up and resuscitate the golf industry.  I have been writing about the next great American golfer that will appear and destroy all the competition.  That is definitely what we need to get more golfers back on the course.  Wrong again! Come to find out, there is a lot of open “space” on a golf course.  Players are swarming back to courses all across the country.  Play is up 15 to 30% nationwide.  These are very similar numbers to the start of the Tiger era.  Come find your space at LKCC.  Be safe, be considerate of others and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Yours in Golf,