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President’s Blog September 2023



I know, I know, I missed August and have no excuse.  It wasn’t like I didn’t start a blog several times but it just never happened.  Maybe I could blame it on writer’s block, the Belfast flew or too many trips to “The Kitchen”.  Please accept my apologies.  I will try and finish out 2023 in a strong way.

We continue to have a great year at LKCC.  Many guests have arrived in the area and have decided to fill their days with a little golf.   The grass is growing nicely, and the Fall season is getting closer every day.  The 32nd Annual Rec Tournament is next weekend, I will say, “we have had a great run.”  The proceeds from this tournament have helped build many wonderful facilities for all the kids in our community.

Our GM @ LKCC is often chastising me for various flaws.  The most recent one that comes to mind is “You never eat at home, you go out to eat every night.”  This is obviously an exaggeration but I must admit I do like to go out and eat occasionally in a local diner.  With this life style, you accept a great responsibility to make sure you are taking care of your servers.  I love great food, good drinks and friendly service.  I also pride myself on showing appreciation for that great service by leaving an above average tip.  It is very easy to be a good “tipper” but it is often harder to figure out when to tip and when not to tip.  One goes through life and has hundreds of fellow humans do many services for them.  You get an oil change, a root canal, a bag of groceries, a car wash etc. etc.  You get my point.  I think I know how to tip but sometimes I don’t know when to tip. 

We were going through the Dunkin Donuts drive through next to the Auburn exit of I 95 last Sunday.  I ordered the usual refresher for the Mrs. and proceeded to the window.  I was feeling good. We had an hour left to get back to the Burg and the trip was going smoothly.  I rolled up to the window and gave the young lady six dollars for a four dollar drink.  She smiled and I said “Where’s your tip jar?”   She replied “The management doesn’t allow us to get gratuity, we have to put it back in the register.”  I was speechless and that doesn’t happen too often.  I slowly drove away as my blood pressure went over the happy range.  I felt like going back and finding the manager but I’m sure on a Sunday he was floating around Sebago Lake on his party boat. 

I am super excited about all the new plans we have to add amenities to our facility.  I will wait for another blog to start sharing the great news.  A friend told me the other day,” As one gets older they have less patience to wait for things they desire.  The next day is not promised to anyone.”  I could not have agreed with him anymore.  As the beautiful Veruca Salt said in the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, “I want it all and I want it now!”  Exciting news on the horizon….enjoy September.

Yours in Golf,