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President’s Blog  November 2022

For the kids…..

I would like to thank each and every member of LKCC, every staff member and the Board of Directors for making the 2022 golf season a tremendous success.  I could not be more proud of the job that our staff does and the way in which they conduct business each day.  We have more members than at any time since we opened the back nine in 1998.  I played a few weeks ago with some “dignitaries” from Gorham Maine.  They were so impressed with the course conditions and the playability of the entire 18 holes.  They will be back.

As I mentioned before, I have been honored to be part of the renovation team at Fryeburg Academy that has transformed a tired football field into an amazing, lighted turf stadium this summer.  I have had the privilege to attend 2 night football games and several night soccer games.  I stood at the entrance gate and looked into each player’s eyes as they ran onto the field for the first time.  The noise was awesome but their eyes told the story.  It really makes all the time and effort worth it!  We have made an important segment of their lives a little better.  Shouldn’t that always be the goal?

One of my closest friends has been in the business of educating children for over 50 years.  He has made many decisions and changes that have bettered the “experience” for so many kids.  He was an integral part of the field renovation.  He always would tell me; “I would really like to build something someday for the kids.”  Well, that day has come.  Mr. Durgin, thank you for your commitment to kids, enriching so many young lives and making me a better person.

This year we were able to introduce the Peter Davey Golf Initiative at LKCC.  Thanks to JP Davey (Peter’s son) we were able to offer free memberships to any interested child that lived in Lovell, Stoneham or Albany.  These scholarships are an integral part of our goal to grow the game of golf in our area.  We also run a junior golf clinic for 3 weeks in July.  The lessons were wonderful and the ice cream after was a big winner.  This clinic is financially supported by our Men’s Twilight League and the Men’s Social League.  It makes me feel proud that you don’t have to look very hard at LKCC before you find so many people supporting the youth in our area.

A special thanks to everyone that supports the James Hadlock Scholarship Fund.  Jim would be so honored to know that we have been able to give three $2500 scholarships each year to graduating seniors at FA.   Jim was a legend in Maine golf and a superior scholar/athlete at Fryeburg Academy.   I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Hadlock Tournament in June, the only event that gives meat away for prizes.

I turned 61 this week.  My wife posted it on Facebook and lots of friends chimed in.  Many called and texted me.  It was kind of nice.  I think one is apt to get more recognition on their birthday as they get older.  My friends are surely thinking that I have much more history than I do future.  They are right.  I have been married to a teacher(s) for over 35 years.  This is no forum to compare but I just realized that I may be attracted to people that spend every day of their life helping children.  I guess it could be much worse.  My good buddy always tells me,” If you’re not in it for the kids, you’re in it for the wrong reason.” 

This is November.  The month we are reminded to be Thankful.  Please celebrate with loved ones and find many things that you are Thankful for, (including LKCC!!)

Yours in golf,