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President’s Blog February 2024

Wins and Losses



Well, we have made it to the month of February.  The temperatures have not been too frigid to date, but we certainly still have some winter in front of us.  I hope everyone is finding something fun to do.  I personally like to watch the Fryeburg Academy teams play basketball.  It is very entertaining, and both teams have been competitive this season.

Last week we decided to do our normal routine of cooking some burgers, dogs and popcorn for the FA boosters club. Tina and I enjoy doing this and we also get to watch the games at the same time.  The #1 team in class A was coming to town and no one expected a positive result.  The FA boys played their best game of the year and ended up upsetting Falmouth by 14 points.  The game was truly amazing.  The gym was as loud as I can ever remember, and the parents were ecstatic and shocked at the same time.  It was a great win for the players, coaches and the program.  I will not forget that game…. ever.

I recently took a trip to the greater Portland area and met up with a very respected and close friend.  We had a great lunch as always and then decided to go to Westbrook and check out our friends simulated golf business.  There were 8 simulated golf booths with food, drinks, clubs etc., all for sale.  It was amazing to see the people coming in to either play a course or just use the booth as a driving range.  It certainly appeared like it was a win/win situation.

Speaking of driving ranges, I will be presenting this month, to the Lovell planning board, an application for a conditional use permit to open a driving range across the street from our first fairway.  This has been a long time in the making and I hope they look favorably at the application.  It would be a wonderful amenity for our course and a great place to offer more golf lessons.  Another win/win operation.

I realized the other day that this month marks the 2 year anniversary of the passing of Jaunita Lusky.  As I wrote in the past, she was the 1st Lady of LKCC for my entire golf life.  Her beauty, grace and dignity will never be forgotten.  I truly miss her firm hugs, gentle kisses and the heartfelt question, “Bradie, How’s Tina doing?”  Not being able to watch Paul and Juanita float gracefully around another dance floor is a true loss to me.

It has been kind of a tough stretch in the Burg recently.  I lost my mother in December.  We lost Wayne Infinger in January and now we have lost Mike Harper in February.  I think it is normal to always try and find answers to why things happen but sometimes there are no answers.  The minister tells us that it is all part of God’s plan.  Well, if the plan is to fill Heaven with wonderful people, he certainly has got 3 of the best recently.  I look at my mother’s picture every day and take solace in the life she lived.  The toughest pill to swallow is when the losses outnumber the wins.

If my calculations are correct, in 85 days or less we will be back chasing that little golf ball around in Lovell.  We are now cutting trees and planning the process for building a new 6th green.  Our new maintenance building is getting power soon and the garage doors have arrived.  There is a lot to feel positive about and that is what I plan on focusing on for the next 3 months.  I hope everyone can do the same.  Be healthy, happy and motivated and you will achieve great things!  Make life a win/win.

Yours in golf,