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President’s Blog March April 2021

Let’s Go!!!

     Well the Masters is in sight and that means that golf season in the Northeast is almost upon us.  This years’ Masters Tournament feels like it has more meaning than ever.  The golf industry is on the upswing, “the pandemic” is retreating and hope reins eternal in our country. 

     What a story it would be if Jordan Spieth wins 2 weeks in a row after going over 1350 days without a victory.  It might be Dustin or Bryson but it won’t be Ricky Fowler because he is not invited this year.  I have always liked Ricky Fowler but that is the great thing about the game of golf.  You don’t get any points for looking pretty, it only matters how many times you hit the ball.

     The Lake Kezar Country Club has melted almost all of its’ winter covering.  We are so excited to get cleaning this early and set our sights on April 30th to open.  The greens look great and the 14th green will be receiving much TLC in April.  Our plan is to sod the green around the first of May and be playing on it in a few weeks.

     I watched a bunch of the UConn women’s basketball games this year.  Their freshman guard, Paige Bueckers, was truly amazing.  She just lets the game come to her and then “bam” game on.  Several times when the game was closely contested she would hit a couple clutch shots and then scream “Let’s Go”.  I like that.  The raw emotion and love of the game is why I watch.  I may use that as my battle cry when someone calls me and wants to go play a round of golf somewhere.  Let’s Go!  I like the sound of it!

     The clubhouse will get a fresh coat of paint starting tomorrow.  The club storage building is getting an amazing facelift.  Many hours of hard work, numerous sleepless nights, anticipation, anxiety and then we can open the doors for another amazing season at LKCC.  Let’s Go!

Yours in Golf,