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President’s Blog  July 2024

                ” Summertime”

We sure have had much better summer weather this year compared to last year.  “Knock on wood.”  I know that everyone is waiting with great anticipation for the opening of the new 6th green.  A couple more haircuts and a rolling should do it.  My guess is early next week.  “Keep your fingers crossed.”  Okay enough with the quirking sayings, or is it?

I really get a kick out of all the sayings that people use and the obscure meanings to most of them.  “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”  Of course you can.  What else would you do with a cake except eat it?  My father had several sayings that were used regularly in our home growing up on Christian Hill.  My brother and I would come in from an afternoon of getting dirty or many times with several scratches on us and he would say “Looks like you boys have been out in the pucker brush.”  I don’t think I have ever seen a pucker brush plant and probably wouldn’t know it if I saw it.  As I got older and started working on the job sites (shortly after I started walking), dad would show up and real off about a dozen jobs that needed to be done and then he would say let’s get “Hell-a-tee-hooping.”  Nobody knew the true meaning of this erroneous phrase, but we all started working.  I miss hearing those words.

The most famous saying that comes to mind is “Build it and they will come.”  This phrase was made famous by the movie starring Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams.  Actually, in the movie the phrase is “build it and he will come.” This 1989 classic told a story about building a baseball field in Iowa so a deceased White Sox team could walk out of the cornfield and play a game.  Kevin Costner’s father was the catcher on that team, and they end up on the field together having a “catch.”  I always wonder how many sons would build a baseball field if they thought there was a chance to have one more “catch” with their dad.  I know one that would.

As we enjoy all the activities of summertime, we are constantly reminded of how fast the summer goes.  The 4th of July is upon us, and the Fryeburg Fair will be here before you can “blink an eye.”  Please take the time to enjoy every minute with friends and family.  As my golfing mentor always says, “Time is promised to no one.”  I think he is right about that.

I hope to see you all at LKCC.  Junior golf starts next week then the Member/Guest.  Remember that “Fairways and Greens” will serve you well.  God Bless you all.


Yours in Golf,