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President’s Blog March 2, 2021



We have made it to March and that feels good.  It has not been a very rough winter but as one gets older, it doesn’t take much to chill the bones.  There was some snow early but the ground was still showing grass around Christmas.  I am optimistic that the greens have got a fighting chance against the elements this year but time will tell.

When you tee the first ball up of the season, take a look at the beautiful White Mountain view that has appeared behind the 1st green.  I think that Donald Ross would approve.  We continue to be very selective in our tree management plan with the focus on sunlight to our greens. 

Each year we try and add to the list of amenities/improvements that are available to our members and patrons.  I am looking forward to some new porch furniture (if I can talk Nancy into buying some. haha).   I am hoping for some pretty white parking lines on our amazing paved parking lot along with some paver blocks to complete our clubhouse surround.  We can also enjoy the gorgeous new granite steps up to the porch from the first tee.  A fresh coat of paint on our majestic clubhouse, resurfaced cart paths and a new 14th green would seem like a dream come true!  Did I forget to mention Nancy’s special new drink?  I can’t wait!

Our spring mailing will be out soon with a President’s letter, schedule of events, fee chart and a membership form. 

I could write pages about the mandates, restrictions, guidelines, rules and orders that have been levied on the citizens of our state.   Suffice it to say that I am ready to return to the olden days where Freedom and common sense prevailed.

Yours in Golf,