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President’s Blog April 2019

I have been waiting for some motivation to get the LKCC Blog cranked up for 2019.  If the Masters tournament didn’t do it then I don’t know what would.  I sometimes find myself torn between the what I once felt and how I feel now.  Twenty years ago, I would be riveted to the TV on Sunday afternoon routing for anyone but Tiger to win, now I sit here fist pumping the air anytime he makes a birdie or better.  I have written several times in the past about “who is going to take the place of Tiger Woods” and lead the golf industry back to prosperity?  It has been painfully obvious over the past 15 years that there is only one person that can instantly excite the golfing world and that is Tiger Woods.  By winning his 5th Masters and 81st tournament, he has done more for the golf world than all the billions that are spent annually on advertising.

The snow is melting, and the grass will be peeking through soon.  I can’t wait to see the first mower cruising down the fairway and tee the first ball up on #1.  It has been a VERY LONG winter for all those souls that live in our neck of the woods.  Maybe we will have a new expanded cart shed and maybe even a bunch of new golf carts, but we will surely have green grass and friendly faces when we see you soon.  Be thankful every day for your many blessings.

Yours in Golf,