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         “Papa Smurf”

We sure have had a great start to our 101st season at LKCC.  The weather has been amazing, and the course continues to get better each week.  The rebuild of the 6th green appears to be a huge success.  The turf has taken hold of the new subbase, and the root system is now over 2 inches deep.  We will proceed with caution, but the grand opening is in sight.

The new 1st tee expansion also looks amazing, and I expect to see that opened very soon.  The new maintenance building is nearing completion.  This will be a tremendous help for our crew with a new 12’ lift and a heated floor year-round.

I have come to appreciate many things about our wonderful course over my last 17 years as President.  The growth of our membership, daily greens fee play, course amenities and financial stability.  I feel like if I had to pick one sector of the business that has amazed me the most, it would have to be our staff.  It seems like no matter what problem arises or what job needs to be done, there is always someone available to do it.  Our clubhouse staff is so friendly, and they make everyone feel welcome as they enter the clubhouse.  Our maintenance staff is truly amazing.  As the high school and college employees transition to other jobs, our crew has less people and still produces amazing conditions for us to enjoy.  I cannot thank all these wonderful people enough.  You are the heart and soul of our slice of heaven.  God bless you all.

This month we will host our annual James Hadlock Scholarship Tournament.  This will take place on June 16th, Father’s Day.  It is a great morning of golf with many different prizes given away at the end.  I call it the kickoff to summer.  For those of you that did not have the pleasure of knowing Jim Hadlock, you missed out on one of the greatest golf legends to play in the State of Maine.  I remember vividly the list of his golfing accomplishments that were displayed next to his casket at his funeral.  I read through them several times and was in awe.  I wish I had taken a picture of the list.  Jim’s last job of his life was at LKCC.  He kept a close eye on all the greens and guided Mike in his early years as Superintendent.  I am forever grateful for the time I had with Jim and the knowledge that he shared with everyone he knew.  The scholarship fund was able to award 4 – $2500 scholarships this year to 2 young men and 2 young women graduating from his Alma Mata, Fryeburg Academy.  This is one of the largest scholarships FA awards and we are very proud of that.   Rest in Peace Papa Smurf, your legacy lives on.

 I had a friend come up from Florida this week and we played golf on Sunday.  He had a family camp on the Lake for over 40 years.  He has played many rounds of golf at our course but not too many in the last 5 years.  We went to dinner after the round and all he could talk about was the view as he played down the first hole.  “Those mountains are breathtaking.  I can’t believe the view!”   It made me feel good about a decision that was not without heartburn at the time we did it.   Change is very hard for many people.  Please rest assured that everything that we do to try and add beauty to our course is always discussed at length. 

I hope to see many of you on June 16th at The Hadlock!  I will throw in an extra package of local farm raised product for you and for our veggie friends, “How about some wonderful chicken?”   Maybe we will bring over some fresh chicken eggs.  Do you eat eggs Patty?   Satisfaction for all….

Yours in golf