President’s Blog April 2024

Welcome to spring in Maine.  Two weeks ago we went around the entire course and cleaned off all the tees and greens.  We still had 3 greens with snow on them but the rest of them were bare.  Since then, we have received 24+ inches of snow and they are forecasting 8” – 12” for this Thursday.  I know that it is April Fool’s Day, but I don’t think Mother Nature is fooling around.

Normally this weather would be enough to put a frown on my face but for some reason I feel that hope spring eternal.  I feel like the course has come through the winter in great condition, we have an aggressive schedule of work to be done this year and so many things to be thankful for. 

I have started the habit of reading previous years blogs for the month that I am writing one.  April has been a great month in my humble opinion.  I wrote a lot about college basketball, the Uconn Huskies, high school sports and how much sports mean to our country.  I also wrote about all the movies I like, the great lines in several of them and who is the “Greatest of all time” in any given sport.  Maybe next month we will ask for readers’ opinion on their GOAT list and see how they all stack up. 

As I read through April’s Blogs, I had to stop on the April 2020 blog.  This was obviously only 4 years ago but the contents were brief and somber.  Our state government had categorized golf as a non-essential business which meant that we would not be able to open until they had a hearing on May 1.  I remember vividly talking with our treasurer and he stating that it is a real possibility that we may not be allowed to open that year.  I never considered closing the course for the year, but it certainly makes you realize how lucky we are today.  I don’t know how Covid influenced the business of golf, but I can assure you that it has.  Our world is now a place where stores, restaurants, transfer stations, town offices and pharmacies are open less hours than before, but at least they are open.  I think many Americans realize now more than ever that life is short, and it can end very quickly.  They are taking more time to enjoy life’s pleasures including a round of golf.

My wife and I celebrated Easter a couple days ago.  I’m not sure if celebrated is the correct word though.  All of our parents are now gone, and it was just the 2 of us eating a meal in the living room, watching some basketball.  With the loss of family, everyone’s life changes.  We no longer gather at my mother’s house, eat our way into a food coma and then slowly disperse with aching stomachs.  I miss the opportunity to see the family on a regular (holiday) basis.  Maybe I could work harder to gather them together and start new traditions.  That seems like a good goal for 2024.

We have one more month left before our golf season starts.  I know everyone is anxious to get out and play.  I promise we will work diligently to get the course ready for play.  I hope you all received your spring mailing.  If not, we will have one for you when you arrive at LKCC.  May you have good health, prosperity and remember to cherish every minute you have with loved ones.  See you soon.


Yours in golf,