Lake Kezar Country Club - Lovell, ME

The President’s Blog


As we enter the last month of our golf season @ LKCC, it seems like a great opportunity to look back and reflect on our 2018 highlights.

We started in early May with wonderful spring conditions.  The Lovell Library Tournament was run superbly and the first year was a great success.  Then we came together as a club and kicked off the year with The James Hadlock Scholarship Invitational.  This tournament provides a FA graduating senior with a $2500 check to help them start achieving their life goals.  The pork chop prizes were a huge hit!  What will we think of for next year?

As the summer heated up (and it did!) we enjoyed the Conway Rec, the Kezar Trailblazers and Harrison Library tournaments. All well run and great causes to support.  We still are looking forward to the Turkey Shoot and The Cross Country Scramble in October.

The course continues to grow in membership and amenities.  The new bathrooms were “showered” with compliments as well as the new bridge, the 17th tee box and pump house.  We will continue to make improvements every year while also focusing on keeping golf affordable to everyone.

I have been writing for 5 years about finding a “hero” to replace Tiger Woods, to grow the golf industry nationwide. Well it looks like we don’t need one anymore.  Tiger is back!  This is a golf course manager’s dream.  I don’t know what it is about Tiger but I know it is great for golf.

My sincere appreciation to all our members for their support and loyalty.  It has been a tremendous year @ LKCC and if I have anything to say about it, there will be many more to come!

Brad Littlefield, President, LKCC